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Family Counselling

Family Counselling

Familial relationships and attachments are a fundamental part of our lives, and they can be hugely impacted by the ever increasingly toxic environments within which we find ourselves.

These relationships can define us and often become the footings on which we base our own relationships and future selves.

When these crucial relationships run into problems we can all become tense, stressed, frustrated and sometimes unintentionally damage each other.

Often we don’t know how to solve the situation and can act in ways that damage it even more. Sometimes the relationships we find ourselves in are unsatisfactory and we are unsure about what do to change things.

When the lines of communication breakdown or become ensnared we can be left feeling rejected, lonely and helpless.

Conversely positive healthy relationships with the others in our lives can make us feel contented and extremely happy.

A trained family counsellor can help you and your family to find stability again by providing a safe environment where each member can freely communicate, listen to, and hear each other.

Creating a healthy resilient family requires continuous communication and a large investment of time, patience and energy, to build the necessary connections and create an environment that is positive and meaningful.

We now believe that building these loving and strong family bonds is a skill like any other, and with the right kind of help can be learnt. We can, over time, develop these skills and become better able to change our less than productive family dynamics.

Our trained experienced family therapists will work with you and all individuals involved to help heal any mental, emotional, or psychological problems your family may be experiencing. To guide a family towards a healthy life, family therapists aim to aid people in improving communication, solving family problems, understanding and handling family situations, and creating a better functioning home environment.

There are various types of problems that can occur in relationships. A therapist should be able to work with the individuals involved to reveal the causes of the problems and help to explore ways in which to reach resolution

What to expect when you contact us.

We offer a free initial telephone consultation so you can discuss your concerns and we can answer any questions you might have. We will then refer you directly to one of our qualified children and young people therapists. 

We are pleased to say that we meet the standards of the EHC referral process, and are now accepting Education, Health, and Care (ECH) plan referrals.

We work online and from our beautiful sites in Weybridge, Guildford and East Molesey.

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