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We exist to inspire therapeutic change for the better

We champion therapeutic transparency, accessibility and quality - and deliver it courageously, supportively and relentlessly.

The idea that people are struggling with their mental health and can’t find the right help is very difficult for us.  At The Practice we do things differently. That means no middlemen and no hidden costs to connect you to clients. Instead, we empower a collaborative collective of highly qualified, like-minded therapists who are deeply good human beings and who together inspire, discover, support and influence each other to deliver the very best mental health experience. to as many people as possible. We have your back.

Our trusted quality brand has an established and excellent reputation within the health care community and referring health care professionals. We offer a full service for all client bases as well as giving back to the community through our low-cost Community Counselling Service. Our low rate flexible working hours, beautiful spaces in four different sites and free easy referrals deliver not just an exceptional client experience, but also a supportive working environment for our therapists and their business to grow.

Belonging to The Practice offers you a suite of benefits to help your private practice flourish. Our referral process truly tailors the needs of the clients to the therapist best suited to meet their needs. You will be promoted and supported by experts in every element of running a private practice. We offer you regular CPD events, take care of direct and digital marketing, securing a high ranking Google presence.

Topped off with social gatherings that foster a true sense of community, The Practice is a tribe in every sense of the word.

Inspire terapeutic change

Image (from left to rihght): Maddie - Managing Director, Jane - Founding Partner, Tracey - Practice Manager

Joining The Practice

Every therapist who joins The Practice is invited for an initial informal chat at a mutually beneficial time. This is an opportunity for a discussion of the options available to you. You can ask questions about being a part of The Practice and we can find out about you and your ways of working. Once you decide to become a part of The Practice we will have a secondary meeting where we will go through a joining pack filled with helpful templates and information for smooth running of your own private practice

How The Practice Works

The Practice presents you with a unique opportunity to run your own private practice. Our free referrals are managed on your behalf utilising an answering service and a client referral team. Website traffic is driven to your own personal page on The Practice website where clients can contact you directly. Our real time booking system enables you to book in clients immediately.

What Therapists Say about Working at The Practice

"I’ve worked as a partner at the East Molesey branch of The Practice since it opened and have been made to feel welcome from day one. Setting up in private practice can feel daunting but the friendly team at The Practice have made this transition a positive one. Referrals have been carefully considered by Jane and Maddie to match my therapeutic orientation and clinical experience." - Katie

"As a partner at The Practice, I am comforted in the knowledge that I’m not alone, someone is always a phone call or email away. There is a vast amount of experience and specialist knowledge amongst us which is incredibly valuable. I love my job which is made more enjoyable being a part of a friendly, supportive community at The Practice." - Leanne

"I am confident that being part of The Practice has been essential in the development of my private practice. My ability to work with a range of issues has improved significantly and I look forward to continuing to be part of such an amazing group of highly skilled and compassionate therapists". - Daniel

"One of the dilemmas I used to have was to whom to signpost a person whose presenting issue was outside of my experience or training meaning that I could not work with them. Wanting to refer them to a safe and knowledgeable pair of counselling hands yet not knowing who that might be. Joining The Practice completely solved this for me in that I am surrounded now by an array of talent, qualities and values that mesh with my own meaning that I have not a moment's doubt about referring within this wonderful group who have become colleagues and, in many cases, friends. Jane and Tracey organise excellent CPD sessions and through their foresight keep us at the leading edge of technology and current thinking in our field. Having been in sole private practice for a while I did have concerns about joining a group: would I feel stifled? Like I was putting on a strait-jacket of extra policy, process and procedure?  Would the price be too high? I am delighted to say being part of this group of warm, modest yet supremely qualified and talented people all on my wavelength has been, and continues to be, one of the best decisions I have made." - Claire

We're happy to hear from you either by calling us directly on 0333 0096 321, emailing us on partners@thepractice.co.uk or by filling in the form below. We understand you're busy, so we are happy to call you back outside your clinic hours if that's more convenient. Please let us know in your message when is a good time for us to contact you.

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