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“Unlocking people’s potential to maximise their performance.” - Galloway

Basically be the best you, you can be!

Whether professional coaching or life coaching, the coach will stimulate you to not just learn from the coach but also to tap into your own resources and self-knowledge. Through the supportive, but also challenging, trusted relationship the coach will help you to move psychologically and emotionally to a more productive place.

The coaching process helps you to understand not just the positive and negative influence the outer world has on your psyche but also the huge impact that your often less explored inner world has on the way you navigate our way through life.

It’s important to remember that your coach is not an instructor. Their aim will be to encourage you to draw on your own, sometimes dormant, inner resources. Much the same way as we once learnt to walk.

Your coach will help you to tap into what many of us believe is our innate desire to grow, self-actualise and become just like a plant naturally absorbs what it needs from the world around it.

What we need to grow is available to us if only we know where to look.  Sometimes we are able to see the way quite clearly, other times we struggle to find the path. Due to internal and external blockers you might be unable to plot your way even if you know the destination. That’s when an engaged, caring and helpful coach might help jump start and motivate you. Self-belief can be really hard to come by alone.

What can you expect from your coach

Unlike counselling, coaching tends to be much more jointly driven and interventionist.

It will have a beginning, middle and end, and is often, but not always, conducted in a time limited fashion.

When you contact the practice you can expect one of our coaches to contact you to discuss your current needs.  Based on that information he or she will set up a time to meet you and together you will make plan for your transformation!

We are pleased to say that we meet the standards of the EHC referral process, and are now accepting Education, Health, and Care (ECH) plan referrals.

“Luck is where opportunity meets persistence.” Steve Jobs

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