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Addiction Recovery Packages

Addiction Recovery Packages

Over the years research has led to the creation of certain beliefs around substance misuse and addiction.  Some believe that it plays a role in our life script or may be a result of childhood trauma. Others feel that is used as a crutch to numb the pain and anxiety they feel. More recently others state that it can be viewed as an attachment issue – we become attached to the substance as it can never leave and will always be there for us.

Whatever the reasons they are certainly complex and are personal to each us.  

Whatever the reason, we tend to turn to substances to help alleviate the discord of the conflict in our inner worlds. Once addicted the prevalence of drugs and alcohol in our community can make kicking the habit very difficult. In addition, it can be hard to find the will power to refrain from substance abuse as often the strongest attachments and bonds are with people who have the same exposure to this complex environment.

Helen Fischer’s research suggests that some drugs mimic the same reaction in the brain as being in love- a strong attachment in and of itself. Some substances certainly take away our inhibitions and help us be more “ourselves.”

A widely used term these days is self-medicating.  A more positive view of this might be that people are merely searching trying to help themselves find relief.

You might want to find an experienced therapist familiar with addiction issues who works in a non-judgemental environment and will help you work out what going on with you, help you to take responsibility and encourage you to be honest with yourself. Your conscious mind may very much want to change your addictive behaviours, but your unconscious mind might have very different ideas. Therapeutic intervention may help you place your conscious mind in the driver’s seat and enable you to take control.

When you contact the practice:

We will refer you to one of our highly specialised team of detox doctors and addiction therapists. They will put together a treatment plan truly tailored to your needs with your own personal addiction therapist/coach, or enrol you on one of our evidenced based bespoke addiction programs.

We are pleased to say that we meet the standards of the EHC referral process, and are now accepting Education, Health, and Care (ECH) plan referrals.

Whatever your chosen path to recovery we will accompany you every step of the way.

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Friedrich Nietzsche

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