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CBT Therapy is part of a family of therapies predominantly based around the exploration of our cognitive thoughts the triggers we experience and our response to them. When all is going well for us, emotionally and psychologically, happy days. When this is not the case, it might be time to seek some help from a trained professional.

This type of therapy works mainly on the premise that thoughts cause emotions, emotions then drive behaviours.

Your CBT therapist will create a safe space in which to help you to challenge your negative thoughts and bring new more balance perspective to the workings of your inner world.

Many believe that with the right type of therapeutic support we can manage or change the negative thoughts that might be plaguing us, leading to happier emotions and, in theory, healthier behaviours will follow.

With increased insight and self-awareness we can embark on a journey of self-discovery.

CBT Cognitive behavioural Therapy, along with its close cousins RBT (Relational Behavioural Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy), MCBT (Mindful Behavioural Therapy) and solution focused therapy, has experienced a resurgence in popularity of late, due to the nature of its more interventional, short term nature.

However, over time many of the aspects of these types of therapy have been incorporated into many other modalities and theoretical approaches.

Many therapists practice in what is called an integrative modality. This means that they integrate lots of different types of therapeutic approaches utilising the best most pertinent concepts, tailored to fit the psychological and emotional needs of each individual client. CBT often forms an important part of this approach. Many CBT therapists also use different ways of helping their clients some more prescriptive than others. 

We encourage you to be open minded when looking for the right type of support for you. All of our practitioners will be happy to discuss what might be the best way of working for you.

We are pleased to say that we meet the standards of the EHC referral process, and are now accepting Education, Health, and Care (ECH) plan referrals.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. “Albert Einstein”

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