Claire Dyson

Claire Dyson

(BA (Hons), Registered Member MBACP)


Claire is an integrative relational counsellor.  She will choose from several different types of therapies, integrate them and create a therapeutic approach that is specifically tailored to your needs.  The relationship between client and therapist accounts for a large percentage of how successful therapy is likely to be, and Claire is trained to create an environment where your partnership will thrive and enable you to receive the help you seek.

Claire’s area of particular interest is working with those who express their emotional distress through bouts of over-eating which feels addictive or compulsive (also known as emotional eating, comfort eating or binge eating).

Claire has also supported  people dealing with loss (death, dementia, break-up, miscarriage, the reality of old age, confidence, childlessness), anxiety, depression, explosive anger, feeling overwhelmed by life, stress, questioning sexual orientation and low self-esteem.  

Claire offers a non-judgemental breathing space in which you can put the world on pause and, with no one making demands on you, reflect, get to what is really troubling you, the root causes of this and then choose what, if anything, you want to do about it. To find out more probably the best thing to do is come along and experience what it would be like to work together by having a (non-chargeable) "chemistry test" session.

Claire charges £60 per session for adults and £80 per session for couples.

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