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Ailis Clarke

Ailis Clarke

MSc Psychology, FdSc Counselling, LLB, S.A.C. Dip CBT, MBCS


Some people come to therapy because they feel they have lost the sense of who they are, by bending themselves into who they think their partner, boss or parents need. Others come feeling unable to handle a traumatic event, or cope with circumstances that have slowly built over years. It might be a difficult period at work, unmanageable levels of stress or anxiety, a redundancy or retirement that is unfulfilling, a troubling relationship - whatever it is, figuring a way through and reconnecting with joy is achievable.

Ailis has spent 15 years working with combinations of applied psychology, psychotherapy and executive coaching to lead you to a stronger more positive mindset. She joins us from Harley Street at The Practice in Weybridge on Mondays and The Practice in Guildford on Thursdays.

Using with a combination of assessment, psycho-education, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, you can tackle your life more clearly, handling your issues with agency and acceptance. It is never too late to reform or too early to intervene in your life choices.

 Ailis completed a two-year fellowship at the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, Harvard, an MSc in Psychology at the University of Surrey and an FdSc in Counselling at the University of Greenwich and is a Qualified Mediator.  Ailis concluded her psychotherapy training at The Priory Hospital. Trained across several modalities (CBT, Transactional Analysis, Humanistic counselling, Gestalt, Psychodynamic Therapy) she will assess which approach will work best for the combination of issues and environments you bring.

Whatever difficulties brought you to this point, Ailis creates a warm, understanding and calm place for you to share them and leave some of them behind. In your first session you will meet and discuss what you are looking for maybe short-term focused solution led therapy or open-ended therapy for more complex cases. What's most important is to get a sense of whether Ailis can help, whether it would be useful to you to work together.

She is registered for private insurance work with WPA Health Insurance, Healix and General & Medical.  Ailis is a member of the British Psychological Society, The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, The Civil Mediation Council and the Association for Coaching. 

Ailis has experience working with:

Executive stress
Retirement/Redundancy issues
Anger Management
Relationship issues

Exec coaching and stress Testimonials

"Ailis has been an absolute lifeline over the past few months. Her warmth, empathy, and professionalism create an environment where healing feels not just possible but inevitable. She listens intently, offering insights that are both profound and practical. Ailis doesn't just treat symptoms; she addresses root causes with a gentle yet effective approach. Her guidance has brought clarity to my mind and peace to my heart. I cannot thank her enough for the positive transformation I've experienced. If you're seeking a therapist who truly cares and delivers results, I wholeheartedly recommend Ailis. She's simply phenomenal." (Client C)

"Ailis was instrumental in helping me navigate through some very big life changes and helped me find balance between being a career woman, a mother, a wife and being true to myself. We tackled my long term anxiety issues and she gave me the tools to manage anxiety going forward. I look forward to working with Ailis on a continual basis." Trader, USA 2024

"We approached Ailis following recommendation. Ailis didn’t disappoint, she worked well with our employee to allow them the freedom and confidentiality to discuss their concerns and helped them rebuild their confidence and set boundaries with the individual. Would fully endorse Ailis."  HR Director of an International Healthcare Organisation 2023

Relationship Issues Testimonials

“Myself and my sibling worked with Ailis over several months, discussing the running of our family business which we co-own and co-MD.

This process hasn’t always been straight forward due to the different ways we think, process information, operate and then act. These differences often lead to conflict.

Ailis worked with us both on a separate basis for several weeks, analysing our personalities and our backgrounds, to help us then understand each other in a far better way.

The result, after some positive reinforcement and some practice, is a much more effective sibling team who don’t clash and work together in a far more harmonious and constructive way. Yes we still disagree on things from time to time and still have our own personal strengths and weaknesses, but our working environment has been transformed in a very positive way.

So thank you Ailis!” Director, Automotive Industry, 2024

"I found Ailis Clarke at a time when a member of my family experienced something so far from anything I have ever experienced, that, to my shock, I found myself completely overwhelmed by the situation and at a loss as how to help myself, let alone provide support for my family member. When I met Ailis she instantly created a calmimg and safe place to speak freely with reassuring words as we progressed. She allowed me to ask questions of myself and to reassure me that all I was expressing and feeling both physically and mentally was normal, and would pass in time, which indeed, it did. She set me homework re questions I could ask the family member when the time was right, and then gently showed me how to ask the question in a different way which was very important to get the answers we needed. Most importantly she gave me myself back so that I could be a support to my family member which was the most important thing of all. I would thoroughly recommend Ailis as a compassionate person with much experience. I am very grateful to her."

Parent 2024


"Ailis is very professional and very caring. She helped me through a difficult period of anxiety, culminating in panic attacks, inability to leave the house and OCD.  I have been back to myself since and I have no hesitation in recommending Ailis." Mother and Business owner, 2023Testimonial

Fees: £100-£190 per session.

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