Coaching & Mindfulness

Coaching & Mindfulness

Both mindfulness and coaching can offer you a way to find the path to a more fulfilling life, whether personal or professional. Mindfulness Practitioners and Life Coaches can enable you to help yourself by teaching you to live in the moment and to gain a deeper sense of your true potential.


Mindfulness is a tool that can teach, and help, you to live in the moment. Mindfulness can be a powerful way of helping to reduce stress and anxiety that can often be associated with past or future difficulties.

The average person spends 40% of their time living in the past, ruminating on “if only” and 40% of their time looking to the future, planning “what if” - that leaves only 20% of their time living in the present! While it is important to learn lessons from the past and to make plans for the future, all of this often occurs at the expense of living in the here and now.

Getting the balance right can be extremely difficult for some, but practicing mindfulness can help by making you aware of your thoughts and giving you the skills to bring calm and balance to what can often be a chaotic and stressful life.

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A life/professional coach is someone who can help you to get a better understanding of your own potential and then help propel you to a healthier and more successful way of being. A life coach will help you set personal and professional goals and foster the confidence to meet those goals.

Self-exploration, not direct instruction, is the cornerstone of life coaching. With the right help, support and encouragement it may be possible to overcome internal obstacles that could be hampering your growth and success. Often clients are healthy, successful people who find themselves stuck in a rut or needing to make a change, either personally or professionally, and would like the help and support of a life coach to do so.

A life coach can encourage you to build awareness, take responsibility and develop a strong sense of self-belief in order to reach your goals.

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