Clare Deatker

Clare Deatker

MA (Cantab)
Certified Cognitive Behavioural Coach
Certified Resilience Practitioner
Member of The Association of Coaching
Accredited Mindfulness Teacher, 11-18 year olds


Clare is a certified cognitive behavioural coach and a qualified solicitor with ten years corporate experience working within three City law firms, including one leading Magic Circle firm. She offers personal development coaching to all professionals (with a particular focus within the legal profession), where she facilitates a client’s self discovery, inspiring them to maximise their personal and professional potential and helping them to manage change in their lives. The coaching process is about the “here and now” and not the past.

Clare offers a warm, trusting and non-judgmental space in which her clients can do just that. By learning how to draw on their own strengths and resources to manage and respond to stress, a client’s resilience and confidence grows enabling them to move forward and fulfil their true potential in both their professional and personal lives.

The coaching relationship is a unique professional, confidential, collaborative, non-judgmental and creative one, grounded in the pursuit of a richer, more meaningful life for the client based on their core values. The client directs the focus of each coaching session, as they embark on designing their life more consciously with greater purpose and personal accountability.

What exactly is coaching? How does it differ from counselling?
When Clare is asked that question, she believes the following encapsulate the process perfectly: Short term; focused on the here and now; goal and solution orientated; holistic; practical; Interactive; empowering; and challenging.

What can the coaching process help with?
Stress and anxiety management; panic attacks; performance anxiety (public speaking/ presentations); low confidence/self-esteem; assertiveness; career change; life transitions; resilience; exam stress; work/life balance.

What is stopping you from making the changes you dream of?
Fear; lack of confidence; lack of time; procrastination; perfectionism; stress/anxiety; unrealistic expectations; excuses; don’t know where to start; lack of self-belief; and self-sabotaging behaviour.

Clare’s personal coaching approach
A cognitive behavioural approach underpins Clare’s coaching practice, as she particularly like its holistic and universal applicability together with its strong evidential grounding. A cognitive behavioural foundation allows her to tailor coaching sessions to suit a client’s specific needs and enables them to gain clarity about their strengths and core values. In addition, clients are invited to explore particular patterns of thinking and to challenge any unhelpful long held beliefs that are preventing them moving forward and achieving their goals.

A cognitive behavioural approach emphasizes that how we react to events is largely determined by our views of them, not by the events themselves. Through examining and re-evaluation some of our less helpful views a client can develop and consider alternative viewpoints and behaviours that may be more effective when facing life’s challenges. The ultimate goal of cognitive behavioural coaching is for the client to gain sufficient confidence to start to become their own coach, as they utilise the strategies and tools that have been used during the coaching process into their daily lives.

Clare adheres to The Association of Coaching global ethics, am fully insured and continues to develop her professional coaching practice through CPD, further study and regular supervision.

Clare charges £80 per session (one hour). Usually a minimum of 6 hourly sessions is needed to effect sustainable change. Clare offers an initial 30 minute no obligation complimentary coaching session (via phone, Zoom or Skype) as this is the perfect opportunity for Clare and a prospective new client to explore the ways in which she can fully support them with the current challenges they face.

Clare sees clients in person on a one to one basis or via phone, Zoom or Skype.

Clare has experience working with:
stress and anxiety management
mindfulness (short daily practices to build into daily life)
low self esteem
low confidence
career change
returning to work after a career break/maternity leave
life transitions
resilience (practical strategies)
work/life balance
performance anxiety
exam stress

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