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ADDmire clinic sees patients on a private basis, usually after referral from their GP or another Consultant, although parents are also welcome to contact us directly.

ADDmire has been set up by Dr Bozhena Zoritch, FRCPCH, MA, MSc. She is a  highly experienced Consultant Paediatrician who worked at the pre-eminent local NHS ADHD clinic for many years. We work closely with Jill Goulding who is a Speech and Language Specialist and Angela Hraib who is an ADHD Nurse Specialist. Glenda Selby is our clinic co-ordinator who will support you and your child in the clinic. Our clinic manager Camille will guide you through the appointments process and will communicate with you about our service.

Dr Zoritch is Clinical Director of ADDmire Clinic and a Consultant Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician, providing private ADHD and ASD assessment and treatment at ADDmire clinic in a number of venues in Surrey. She is delighted to now be working at The Practice in Guildford. Prior to her retirement as a full-time NHS Consultant, she led one of the largest NHS ADHD clinics in the country for 20 years. She has Masters Degrees in Science (Community Paediatrics) and Arts (Medical Humanities) which enable her to give a truly holistic service to her patients.

Currently, she is engaged in a research project on ADHD as part of her PhD degree in Medical Humanities at the University of London. She is a Senior Member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. In almost 40 years as a paediatrician in the UK, she has always been interested in the psychosocial aspects of chronic disorders. No other condition has been as intriguing and rewarding in this context as ADHD.

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